Recordings of notated compositions, experimental folk performances & collaborative improvisations. (list)

Waylands, 2017

Vicky Chow, piano
Stone Residency premier performance
Glass Box, The New School, NYC
February 12, 2019

Two Images, 2021

Kevin Zetina, percussion, guitar & voice
1:2:1 New Music Intensive
webcast premieres concert
January 18, 2021

Live at the Branch House, 2022

Katharine Moore Tibbetts: flute, cello
Robert Andrew Celedon-Scott: composition, arrangement, guitar
Cameron Welke: theorbo
Zsuzsanna Emodi: viola
Gary White: recorder
Raphael Seligmann: production, arrangement, viola
RVA Baroque
live at The Branch Museum, Richmond, VA; July 16, 2022

songs & experimental folk selections, 2019–2021

1. Whisper Wish, January 2017
home demo recording, November 2020
2. Winters Eve, from old Welsh verse
home demo recording, June 2021
3. Fair & Tender, traditional lyric/tune
reharmonized, remetered & reworded, April 2021
4. three live selections
live at the Highpoint, Richmond, VA, 2019

Two Nocturnes, 2021

Brandon Simmons, flute
Robert Andrew Celedon-Scott, piano
Classical Revolution RVA Incarnations
The Hof, Richmond, VA; September 19, 2021

Beara Chapel, 2016/17

Sara Louise Callaway, violin
Matilda Ertz, piano
concert performance at Sisters of Loretto chapel
Nerinx, Kentucky; March 4, 2018

Chime Studies, six meditations for keyboard, 2021

live performance of II, III, IV & V
(Ia & Ib not included)
Classical Revolution RVA Incarnations
The Hof, Richmond, VA; February 20, 2022

Monophony Studies, 2017/18

recorded outdoors with assorted acoustic instruments

songs & experimental folk selections, 2018/19

from Richmond, VA concert performances—
Gamelan Raga Kusuma (July 2019),
Sediment Gallery (June 2019),
& Round House Concerts (October 2018)

three violin/viola duos, 2016/17

Myra Hinrichs, violin
Carrie Frey, viola
live in Chicago, IL
August 5, 2019

songs & experimental folk selections, 2016/2018

from concert performances—
Appalshop theater (Whitesburg, KY; December 2016)
Sediment Gallery (Richmond, VA; February 2018)

Hickory House - Session One: Practice of Prayer

first improvisation session
Ben Jaffe, tenor sax
Dave Desmeaux, bass
Robert Andrew Celedon-Scott, guitar, viola
Bed Stuy, Brooklyn; September 2015

Nocturnal Hours, six piano pieces, 2016

recorded in Pine Mountain Settlement School’s chapel

Elegy-Meditation & Accords, 2018 rehearsals

rehearsal recordings—
Elegy-Meditation, 2015/rev. 2018
Myrick Crampton, tenor sax
Amos Goldie, viola
Robert Andrew Celedon-Scott, piano

Accords, 2010/rev. 2017
Caleb Paxton, viola
Daniel Stipe, piano

From Clouded Gardens, violin solo, 2017

performed by Sara Louise Callaway (Sara Soltau)
featured on the cassette album In Parts

Hickory House - three improvisations, 2015

Kelly MacDonald, guitar [1,2], bass [3]
Caleb Flood, percussion, voice, flute [1]
Dave Desmeaux, bass guitar [2]
Pinson Chanselle, drumset [3]
Robert Andrew Celedon-Scott, guitar [1,3], synth [2]
November 2015, December 2015

(The State of Things) Improvisation Journal #1, 2022

Robert Andrew Celedon-Scott: untuned piano
live at Bellevue School, Richmond, VA
June 6, 2022

List of Contents

Solo Pieces:
1. Waylands — Vicky Chow, piano
2. Two Images — Kevin Zetina, percussion/guitar/voice
3. Chime Studies — Robert Andrew Celedon-Scott, piano
4. Nocturnal Hours — Robert Andrew Celedon-Scott, piano
5. From Clouded Gardens — Sara Louise Callaway, violin
6. The State of Things — Robert Andrew Celedon-Scott, piano

Duo Pieces:
1. Two Nocturnes — flute & keyboard or harp
2. Beara Chapel — violin & keyboard or harp
3. Violin/Viola Duos — Myra Hinrichs & Carrie Frey

Trio Pieces:
1. Elegy-Meditation & Accords — tenor sax, viola, piano-percussion

Ensemble Performance:
1. Live at the Branch House — baroque & modern instruments

Songs & Experimental Folk:
1. four videos — 2019–2021
2. Monophony Studies — 2018/2019
3. three selections — 2018/2019
4. six selections — 2016/2018

Improvisation Sessions
1. Trio Session — tenor sax, guitar/viola, bass guitar
2. Mixed Trios — guitar/bass, perc./voice/flute, drumset, synth